Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) are medical rehabilitation professionals with Masters degrees and the specialized training to analyze the functional causes of your pain conditions. This will allow you to regain the maximum degree of function so you can live and work without pain.


Owen Thomas, Registered Occupational Therapist

Owen Thomas, BSc, MOT, Registered Occupational Therapist. Founder of Ergo-Dynamics

I have dedicated myself to understanding biomechanical function and pain from cells and tissues all the way up to how we use our muscles and joints in daily activities. Along the way, I’ve learned that most furniture, equipment and activities were designed with a “one size fits all” philosophy. As a tall person, for example, I discovered that I end up in distorted postures in order to use most furniture and equipment. This is true for everything from cars to furniture to computers – and it isn’t only true for tall or short people. Many people have unique features in their anatomy that result in specific requirements in order to achieve a proper “neutral” posture for their body. I have developed a passion for analyzing how each individual is affected by their environment and activities depending on their personal characteristics (size, shape, prior injuries, postural habits etc.). This analysis allows me to design custom interventions specifically designed to address the actual features of a patient’s anatomy, diagnosis and their personal functional goals.

I approach my therapy practice aware of the fact that many clients have had significant frustration living with short or long-term pain, especially if there isn’t a clear understanding of the condition or what activities are making it worse.   My goal is to help each client precisely understand what is causing their pain and create solutions to provide the greatest possible recovery.

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