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Leave your pain behind
If you have pain from your daily activities, your recovery depends on a precise analysis of the specific functional movements and postures that are causing it.

Count on a Licensed Occupational Therapist (OT)

  • Experts in everyday function and ability
  • Detailed assessments of the functional causes of pain, practical solutions, support & follow-up
  • Your OT can work independently or with your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or Massage Therapist as a team dedicated to your recovery


It is important to understanding the relationship between your injury/condition how you use your body . Without this understanding, injuries often worsen or happen over and over again.  This can result in being unable to do the things you used to do without pain.  The everyday activities below can cause new injuries or exacerbate an existing one. Read More

  • sitting
  • computers/laptops work
  • iphone/smartphone/tablet 
  • driving
  • reading and paperwork
  • cooking/cleaning

Call us for a telephone consultation to find out if ergonomic interventions are right for your condition. 

pediatric OT

Our OTs have years of experience working with children and families to address problems at home or at school. By working together with families, clinicians and schools, we examine the relationship between your child’s difficulties, development and subjective experiences. This understanding leads to new strategies to support your child to enjoy activities or environments that have been stressful or off-limits. Read More


Normal daily activities can cause or aggravate your patient’s musculoskeletal conditions and block treatment goals.   This is especially the case for tasks that require static muscular contraction, which can damage muscles and joints (over time) by depriving them of circulation.  It is also the case for repetitive stressful movements, even seemingly gentle ones, with insufficient time for tissue recovery. Read More

  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD)/Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Pronator Teres Syndrome
  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Muscle and joint stiffness
  • Tension headache

Contact us to discuss how an OT assessment can help solve the functional causes of your patients symptoms. Please email referrals to or call 


Productivity and employee morale suffer when people have pain at work.  Mental speed is slower and people are more irritable, which compromises efficient cooperation and teamwork. From a practical perspective, the problem is that most conventional workstations were designed only in terms of the task objectives without taking into consideration how the human body actually works. leading to:

  • pain
  • fatigue
  • slow mental performance
  • decreased productivity
  • decreased morale
  • increased workplace conflict
  • pain-related stress
  • increased sick days
  • WorkSafe/WCB claims
  • increased costs for benefits programs

Contact us about addressing and preventing workplace injuries or to schedule an Ergonomics at Work educational session for your workplace.